LEANED RIME From the bottom to the top the dreams to the mouth from cold to warmth the moon to the sea the tortoise to the space You next to me! The good ones to the hiding place the pumpkins to the field the lazy to the forest the sadness to the hole the fear outs
HORIZONTAL No keys, no doors, no lifts going up and down. Only this, this warmth, this calm. Put yourself in favor of the force of gravity and stay. Plunging into the quiet calm of this horizontal. Text: lainon.
Eternity, Karen & Xabier. Fagoaga Dorretxea I don´t know if it happens to you, and if it does, if it is the same or not. Sometimes when I go through myself to you, it comes to me a full breath flawed by history. All the events sewed instantly even the ones invented in t
Proud parenthood. The day getting longer, the colors brightening up and nature reborning indicates that spring has begun. The moon is watching, waiting for the sun to hide. We are meanwhile guiding and educating you. As the night falls, your dreams will be your friend
Maitane & Ibon. Salegi For my heart your chest is enough, for your freedom my wings are enough. That which slept over your soul will reach from my mouth to the sky. The illusion of each day is in you. It arrives like dew on flower petals. You undermine the horizon wit
Itzea & Julen. Olentzo Carnival couple Everithing is today, love is today time is dancing the party has exploted, it's time to enjoy it. The past and future become preset it's a great explosion the two of us getting together it's time to enjoy it. Smile, laughte

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