Her eyes Face of a confident little girl On the trail of her eyes. Confident soul Passionate about finding a soul as inmense as hers. Take her hand And guide her To a light filled landscape.
Malen & Patxi. Abeletxe LIFE IS AN OPPORTUNITY, make the most of it. LIFE IS BEAUTY, admire it. LIFE IS A DREAM, turn it into reality. LIFE IS A CHALLENGE, face it. LIFE IS DUTY, make it happen. LIFE IS A GAME, play it. LIFE IS A TREASURE, take care of it. LIFE IS WEAL
You became a reality The love between you created a new person, multiplying, making it bigger, displaying like that the love you feel. You will rediscover the worldbeside your child, and for the moment, how beautiful is to feel you in my belly. You became a reality, Amets.

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