Itzea & Julen. Olentzo

Carnival couple

Everithing is today, love is today
time is dancing
the party has exploted, it’s time to enjoy it.

The past and future become preset
it’s a great explosion
the two of us getting together
it’s time to enjoy it.

Smile, laughter, joy and happiness
tha’s all there is
something that started a long time ago
is continuing
it’s time to enjoy it.


boda en olentzo

olentzon ezkontza

ezkontza zizurkil

Makeup artist and hairdresser: Frida & Jade
Dress and shoes: Yolanda Torres
Suit: Aldabaldetreku
Bow tie and suspenders: El Mono Con Pajarita
Wedding: Olentzo
Caterig: Divinus Catering
Video and DJ: AZ Gaubelak